Good schooling in Catering in France, then being taught in the kitchen of many Michelin-starred french chefs and luckily being tutored by some great Best French Chefs (MOF), Chef Thomas Pasqureau decided to go abroad working in many kind of kitchens overseas (UK, Spain, Cambodia, China…) from his young age.

Acquised experiences from running famous specialized local food kitchen, luxury gastronomic kitchens to the kitchen of french government structures, he then decided to work as enthusiated Culinary Instructor for the Bachelor Class of Culinary Art – the international FERRANDI-Paris hospitality and gastronomy school.

Being strongly inspired from the various interesting tastes of local foods everywhere he stopped during his chef – adventure in overseas and his everlasting love of the tradionnal french gastronomy, chef Pasquereau choses to be specialist in modern fusion food.

With his more than 20-year-working experience as culinary instructor and praticing chef in french gastronomy, his rich experiences in managing many types of kitchens, palaces in France and overseas, such as French Embassy in Cambodia, Republican Guard in Paris, having had client-experiences as royal, high-ranking government officials, his passion of transfering his technique further and his knowledge about french culinary, Chef Thomas Pasquereau is a rare pearl among the french chef – consultants